Meet Alison

Photo Credit: April Olivia Roskos
Hey, I'm Alison Treat. 
I'm a wife and a mama to three kiddos. I'm a little bit crunchy in that I love baby wearing and cloth diapering. I've been converted to gardening and canning and I've always loved cooking from scratch. But I draw the line at making my own soap. On busy days, I have been known to hit the drive-through with the kids and I'm okay with that. Well, not really . . . I feel guilty about it but I'm trying to give myself grace. Because grace is what it's all about. If I can't accept it for myself, I won't have it to offer others, especially my family.

In the midst of this crazy, grace-filled life, I try to find time to write. I call myself a writer because when I'm not writing regularly, I'm completely off-kilter. 

Speaking of writing, my debut historical YA novel, One Traveler, was published in 2013 by Avventura Press

I hope you'll poke around my blog a bit and find something you enjoy reading. I write about everything from faith, motherhood, and simple living, to running, hiking, and skiing. If you want to know more about my book, click here.
Photo Credit: April Olivia Roskos

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