Saturday, February 12, 2011

Speaking of Single-Tasking . . .

Last night we watched an episode of Frontline called "Digital Nation" It gave me more incentive to disconnect periodically and make sure I engage my brain in some longer-term activities. I feel an even greater responsibility to model this for my children. It's a long video (speaking of long-term engagement of the brain) but even if you only watch part of it, I think it's poignant.


  1. The kids have their winter break next week, and I plan to go internet - free! Let's see if I can do it . . .

  2. You can do it, Lena! As writers I think it's a tough call b/c to a certain extent it's good to be connected and networking, but sometimes we overdo it. At least, I do. I've found it much easier to manage my internet time without the pull of Facebook. But it takes discipline and sometimes I don't have that. Love the profile pic with your sassy new do!