Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Joy in the Journey

So I'm working on this single-tasking thing--and I remembered after I posted yesterday that this was the whole point of my blog. Joy in the Journey. Not "Joy in a Clean House" or "Joy in Finishing the Laundry" or even "Joy in the Rat Race". No. That's not it. I want to enjoy the journey, every part of it, because the laundry is never done and the house could always be cleaner. But I only have this one moment to give my child a hug or talk to a friend who needs me. That's all I'm guaranteed. Right now. So I'd better enjoy it instead of trying to get on to the next thing.
I never posted my inspiration when I changed the name of my blog. Michael Card's song, which I have always loved. Enjoy!


  1. And I never thought to ask. Lovely! And so true. Hope you and yours are well :)

  2. Thanks Amanda! We are well. Hope you guys are too. Wish we saw more of each other. xo