Thursday, May 15, 2008

This is definitely one of my pet peeves!

We all have them. In some ways I hesitate to mention this, because I know I'm opening myself up to language experts who may find some flaws in my grammar or spelling. I am not above improving myself. You are now given permission to correct any true mistakes you find in my blog posts, as long as I can have this one little stint on the soapbox. There is a tendency, in Internet correspondence from email to blogging, for users to misspell the word "definitely". I found a cute little website on just this subject. The most common spelling I notice is "definately". Soap box aside, I would like to take this opportunity to educate my readers. Not to be smug, just to draw your attention to the fact that the correct spelling is, most definitely, "definitely". And now I'll probably fall flat on my face by making some hugely obvious and embarrassing grammatical error and being told about it very publicly. I'm bracing myself.

Don't worry--I'll be posting more pictures of Camilla soon. I know that's what you really come here for!


  1. Yeah. That's one of my regular misspellings. *blush*

  2. Funny website! It's true though, it's one of the ones I'm always hitting spell check on! :)

  3. Sorry--I truly didn't mean to be obnoxious!

  4. My e-mails must drive you crazy! I'm sure I do that all the time! I will definately have to do better! hee hee


  5. I used to have a hard time with "certain." I liked to spell it "certian." I have also noticed "lose" often spelled "loose" on the internet.

    May Dad used to start love letters to my Mom with:

    "To my darling angle,"

    So things could always be worse.

    God Bless,

  6. LOL! "My darling angle"! That's funny, Ben! I guess we all have our strengths. I could never keep up with you in discussing theology, so you're allowed to spell "certain" incorrectly!

    And Beth, I truly never noticed you spell "definitely" wrong!

  7. Thats so funny!! I spelled Angel ANGLE too! LOL
    Anne :)