Friday, April 4, 2008

Rainy Day Thoughts

Here's a picture of us from this past weekend, at a 50th Anniversary Party. We don't often have someone take a picture of all three of us. Camilla has a funny look on her face, but Todd and I look fantastic, don't we?
I've just been bopping around the internet this afternoon, reading blogs here and there, and what I've read has reminded me to be extremely grateful for my life. Somehow (by the Grace of God, really) I ended up with an awesome, level-headed husband, who both puts up with my craziness and also knows how to get me back down to earth when necessary! For example, in my post-partum days, when I had unrealistic fears that someone would sneak into our house and steal our baby, he humored me by locking the door after he left in the morning (even though that door is inside our locked garage!). But now that I'm half-sane again, when I worry about our decisions--more precisely, when I worry about what other people think about our decisions, Todd reminds me that it does not matter. I have a great husband. And a great kid, too. I hear her singing in her crib right now, though, so this post will have to end here!


  1. I agree,Todd's ok!!!!!!!!! LOL.
    Cute family pic too,

  2. It's great to see the three of you - great pic! :)

  3. Yes...we have to not worry what others think about OUR decisions. Tell Todd I said thanks for that reminder. I try to tell myself that all the time, but it doesn't always stick!